Polished Concrete

The term polished concrete has grown in popularity among architects, developers, and several major retailers across the country. So, what is polished concrete? Concrete polishing commonly refers to the concrete flooring treatment that has been mechanically ground and polished through a series of steps that have been determined by the desired sheen of the final floor finish. Much like sanding wood, polished concrete uses progressive coarseness of tools to refine concrete.

Commercially, we see that diamond polishing is one of the most desirable concrete floor finishes for many today. With its green benefits, long life cycle, easy cleanup, and cost effectiveness it is the preferred industrial flooring alternate to vinyl tile (VCT) for many retail stores, warehouses, schools, and offices. Many of today’s top architects are specifying Polishing Concrete as the concrete design for new construction or for concrete restoration construction projects.


Polished Concrete Flooring Benefits:

Lower Replacement Cost

Compared to its alternatives like VCT and Carpet the installation cost are relatively equal, but the replacement cost so significantly different with  polished concrete than any other flooring, because  it’s maintained properly, it can virtually last forever.

Lower Maintenance Cost

By simply using water and a dust-mop (or larger sweepers and scrubbers), polished concrete can be adequately maintained. No expensive cleaning agents are required to keep it lasting long and looking great. Polishing concrete floors can lower the cost of your maintenance program while keeping you floor looking great.

Tire Wear Reduction

Polishing concrete floors also reduces the wear on forklift and pallet jack tires due to the smoother surface that is more suitable for heavy traffic resistant to moisture problems: Polished concrete floors, unlike laminate and wood floors, allows the floor to appropriately breathe and eliminates all the issues that may arise with other flooring materials that completely seal the concrete.

High Lighting Reflectivity

This is very important for places like warehouses, office buildings, hotel floors, restaurant floors, and other public places that would like to project a brighter, cleaner, more professional image. Polished floors can also save energy by reducing the amount of artificial lighting required


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