Applying Epoxy Flooring Over Concrete

epoxy flooring being applied
If you’re reading this, epoxy flooring is likely something you’re considering. Elite Epoxy Floors employs a team of experts that can handle epoxy application skillfully and professionally so that you don’t have to worry about the uncertainty that comes with DIY application. If the ease of installation for your specific flooring is a barrier for you making the switch to epoxy, read on for an explanation of how simple it can be.
When it comes to epoxy flooring application, preparation is key. When properly applied, these floors can last up to 10 years in a residential garage. However, if the preparation stage is not done correctly, the epoxy coating will not adhere properly and will require repairs or replacement much sooner. Not only is Elite Epoxy Floors experienced enough to know how to correctly prepare your floor, but we also offer a warranty in case these repairs or replacements are needed.
Applying epoxy flooring to concrete floors is relatively easy. After a thorough cleaning of the surface, the floor is then profiled with either diamond grinding or shot blasting. Diamond grinding is the normal process, as most coatings are applied at less than 125 mils (⅛”) thickness. Any cracks or other damage in the concrete must be patched or repaired before applying the epoxy to create a seamless look. 
Once prepared and cleaned, the epoxy flooring coating is mixed and poured. At this stage, speed is key, as the epoxy will begin to harden immediately. It is poured and rolled out to provide uniform thickness of the epoxy, and eliminate bubbles and roller marks. Once this is done, we then apply color and/or metallic flakes
For durability, epoxy flooring will require at least two coats and must be cured overnight between them. We then apply a top coat, containing anti-slip additives if requested. Once our work is done, the floor will need to be left alone for 24 hours before it is safe to walk on, and 72 hours before you can drive your car on it if it’s in your garage.
For more information about epoxy flooring, call Elite Epoxy Floors of Kansas City at (816) 729-7143. To request a quote, click here.
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