Epoxy Flooring For Your Home Or Business

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice when you need strong and durable flooring for either a home or commercial space.Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice when you need strong and durable flooring for either a home or commercial space. Elite Epoxy Floors offers industrial, commercial, residential, and epoxy garage floors. This waterproof floor sealant will make your floors shine with an amazing range of colors, designs, and patterns.

Epoxy coatings are normally applied over concrete floors to provide a high-performance, smooth, and durable surface that can last many years and withstand heavy loads. Many industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings rely on epoxy floors to maintain clean and safe conditions for workers, equipment, and inventory.

In addition to commercial applications, more and more homeowners are installing epoxy floors in their garages, basements, patios and pool decks. Epoxy floors combine form and function, with an amazing array of color and style options that protect even high traffic areas for many years. Though residential epoxy flooring is more expensive initially than some other options like concrete paint or stain, it more than pays for itself in longevity, as paint or stain requires more frequent maintenance and repairs.

Epoxy flooring can easily be applied over concrete. Self-leveling products make it possible to install epoxy flooring over either new or existing concrete surfaces. The thickness of the epoxy can be customized to meet the specific needs of different facilities. It does require a clean and porous surface to adhere properly. Elite Epoxy Floors preps all floors with a grinding machine equipped with diamond heads, a virtually dustless process. Concrete slabs should be cured fully in order to apply our epoxy flooring. It is also important to patch major cracking and chips in the concrete surface.

Epoxy floors provide optimal strength and durability and are known for their long lifespan. They are up to seven times stronger than concrete. And when repairs are needed, they can be completed without replacing the entire floor. Once installed, it will withstand many chemicals and offers very high durability.

Epoxy sealant can be installed with textures that make the surface less slippery. This is essential in the workplace where accidents must always be avoided. Since epoxy floors are seamless, they also provide a hygienic surface which is recommended by regulatory agencies like the USDA and FDA. They resist oil stains and water, and can easily be cleaned and disinfected which translates into less time and money spent on routine maintenance.

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