Epoxy Flooring: How Are Epoxy Garage Floors Applied?

The key to epoxy flooring that will last in a garage is professional preparation and installation.

The key to epoxy flooring that will last in a garage is professional preparation and installation. While DIY kits are available, they will not give you the same quality or durability as professional products applied by experts. 

Thorough preparation of the floor surface is critical for a successful coating. When properly applied, epoxy floors can last up to 10 years in a residential garage. If the preparation stage is not done correctly, however, the epoxy coating will not adhere properly and will require repairs or replacement much sooner.

The Epoxy Flooring Application Process

The first step is to clean the garage floor thoroughly. We then profile the garage floor surface with either diamond grinding or shot blasting, depending on the surface conditions and coatings to be applied. Diamond grinding is usually the preferred method for epoxy flooring because most coatings are applied at less than 125 mils (1/8”) thickness. Any cracks or other damage to the concrete must be patched or repaired before applying the epoxy to create a seamless look.

Once the floor is properly prepared and cleaned, the epoxy coating is mixed and poured. It is critical to work quickly at this stage, as the epoxy begins to harden immediately. There is only a small window of time to get it on the floor and roll it out to provide a uniform thickness of the epoxy and eliminate bubbles, roller marks, and application imperfections. We then apply color and/or metallic flakes if they are being used. The installation technique is what determines the final look of the floor and is a critical part of attaining the desired effect.

A durable epoxy garage floor will require at least two coats, and be cured overnight between them. We will then apply a topcoat, containing anti-slip additives if requested. The finished floor will need to be left alone for 24 hours before accepting foot traffic, and at least 72 hours before pulling in vehicles.

Epoxy Garage Flooring By Elite Epoxy

Epoxy garage floors are one of the most durable and impact-resistant finishes you can use in an area where safety and resistance to chemicals, stains, chipping, and peeling is of critical importance. The new year is a great time to upgrade, and Elite Epoxy can install an easy to care for, anti-slip floor coating that will look great for years to come, even with heavy use.

For more information about epoxy flooring, call Elite Epoxy Floors of Kansas City at (816) 729-7143. To request a quote, click here.



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