Epoxy Garage Floors: Epoxy Flake is a Perfect Mixture for Your Garage

Epoxy garage floors under a vehicleEpoxy garage flooring using the newest technique in the world of epoxy flooring, flake epoxy, is a great investment. Elite Epoxy Floors has added this style to its list of options. This type of epoxy looks great in the home as well as the garage. Read on to learn about the advantages of this new type of epoxy floor mixture.

The epoxy flake coating is a multi-layered new advanced technique of floor finishing or floor covering using dry flakes or chips of paint, metal, or vinyl and base coat creating a smooth, durable, and multi-color finish. The flakes used are lightweight and random in shape, so they won’t wear out your flooring or make it unsafe to walk on. They can also be mixed with other colors of epoxy resin, chip flakes, and pigments to give you a perfect custom color look for your epoxy garage floors.

Epoxy flake makes use of a variety of colors, this makes it ideal for stylistic epoxy garage floors. This flooring is easy to maintain, just clean it with soap and water every few months to keep it looking like new. This will also help to keep the floor cool because as a thermoplastic material, heat and sound waves are reflected off of it more than with other materials.

The lightweight materials used in flake epoxy make a great choice for epoxy garage floors and will keep you safe when walking on your floor. It makes for a clean-looking finish with a bright color that will shine for years without fading or scratches showing up as much that could cause accidents. The textures in this technique add depth to your floor while still being smooth enough that the risk of accidents during work or play decreases.

Adding a layer of epoxy to your garage floor will help it stand up against any liquid you might spill or heavy objects that you might drop. Epoxy garage floors are seven times more durable than concrete floors. The application of epoxy can also help seal small cracks in the concrete leaving it in better condition than it started.

If you live or operate a business in the Kansas City Metro area, contact Elite Epoxy Floors for their professional epoxy garage floor installation service. You can call us at (816) 729-7143 to speak with a representative about your options or you can get a quote online.

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