Is Epoxy Flake Flooring Smooth Enough?

Epoxy flake flooring is the new hot topic in the world of epoxy floors. Because of that, our team at Elite Epoxy Floors wants to use our blog to answer some of the common questions we’ve been getting about the material. Today’s question is “Is epoxy flake flooring smooth?”. The answer to this question is yes, but we’ll talk further about what this type of epoxy flooring is and why this is such a common question below.
Epoxy flake flooring coating is a multi-layered advanced technique of floor finishing or floor covering using dry flakes or chips of paint, metal, or vinyl and base coat creating a smooth, durable, and multi-color finish. The flakes we use in this process are lightweight and random in shape. This is useful because it means they won’t wear out your flooring or make it unsafe to walk on. These flakes also give off the illusion of the floor being a rougher material than it actually is. 
In fact, epoxy flake flooring is smooth. The flake texture is made by the flake itself. It can, however, be designed with extra grip with an anti-slip topcoat, that will provide extra safety when walking with wet feet or high shoes. The textures in this technique are meant to add a layer of depth to your floor but remain smooth enough to decrease the risk of accidents during work or play. 
Epoxy flake flooring utilizes a variety of colors. This lets you match it with any room no matter what the existing color scheme is. The upkeep on this floor is simple, you just need to wash it with soap and water every few months and it will stay looking like the day the application was finished. Washing the floor also helps keep it cool, epoxy is a thermoplastic material, meaning heat and sound waves are reflected off of it more than with other materials.
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