Should You Install An Epoxy Garage Floor in Your Home Garage?

Epoxy garage floor example


An epoxy garage floor is a popular modification many are choosing to make to their home’s garage. But you might find yourself asking if this is a good choice for your own garage? There are many reasons why having epoxy added to your personal garage is a good idea, listed below are just a few.


It has personality: Your garage is often the first place you see when you get home, and because of this one of the most compelling reasons to consider an epoxy garage floor is the ability to customize the look of your garage floor without needing to worry about paint as applying epoxy allows you to customize the color and pattern of your floor in a way that would be much more difficult to sustain on a cement floor. 


It holds up to damage from vehicles and nature: an Epoxy garage floor is up to seven times more durable than a plain concrete floor and stands up better against both damage from weather and wear and tear from cars being driven on it. Additionally, an epoxy garage floor can also protect your vehicles from cement dust that accumulates in garages with concrete floors. 


It holds up to damage from you: Outside of your vehicle, this process can also protect the floor of your garage from damage if you were to drop tools such as hammers or wrenches while working on any projects you might take on due to the added strength. Beyond that, the process will also fill in existing nicks and cracks in an already damaged concrete floor and can be replaced in sections if you do manage to damage the epoxy.


It’s safer than concrete: Thanks to the addition of textures in the mixing process, an epoxy garage floor can be made safer than a concrete floor during rainy or snowy seasons so you don’t need to worry about slipping on slick floor as you get out of your car when you get home. 


It will save you time on upkeep: For a more practical benefit, an epoxy garage floor is also much more easy to clean than a cement floor and dirt and dust will take much longer to show than on a plain cement floor. This means that as an added bonus of having one installed in your home garage, you can save time that would otherwise be spent mopping your cement garage floor time and time again to keep it from looking dirty.

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