Your Metallic Epoxy Floor-Trust the Professionals

A metallic epoxy floor is a unique looking, durable, and safe flooring alternative for any room in your home or garage and the professionals at Elite Epoxy Floors are here to answer any questions about the medium as well as install it for you.
Carpets, hard wood, and linoleum or tile floors are traditional options that you are likely to find in any home, but they’re unlikely to make an impression on a visitor to your home in the same way the shine of light reflecting off the particles in a metallic epoxy floor in your home’s entryway will. Perhaps you want a flooring option in your kitchen or bathroom that is both easier to clean than traditional alternatives as well as one that is more capable of holding up to the daily abuse that is standard practice in these rooms thanks to the higher traffic they endure, these high-performance resinous systems are made to resemble marble and would look great in these rooms.
If a metallic epoxy floor is something you’ve considered for your home or garage, but you haven’t been able to make up your mind about it for fear of making a mistake due to inexperience, then let the professionals at Elite Epoxy Floors put these worries to rest by offering a professional installation. Do-it-yourself kits or simple paint from big-box retailers might get the job done when it comes to installing a metallic epoxy floor, but they don’t come with a warranty to correct problems that may arise from inexperience or unforeseen events after you finish with the installation. Elite Epoxy Floors will ensure your investment is protected by offering a significant warranty against delamination, staining, or defects in materials when you make use of a professional to install your metallic epoxy floor.
 Whether you’re fed up with the constant vacuuming or mopping of the more traditional floor options of carpet or unsealed hard surface floors, want to make a switch to an option that is safer by being resistant to slippage, temperature fluctuations, extreme impact, or even fire, or just want the look of a granite floor without the extreme cost involved, a metallic epoxy floor installation is something you should consider for your home or garage.
Call (816)729-7143 today to start consulting with the professional at Elite Epoxy Floors about having your metallic epoxy floor. We are here to answer any questions you have about this or any of the other products we offer and offer free estimates for our services. If you live in the Kansas City area, put our over three decades of experience to use in your home. Click here for a quote online.

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