Metallic Epoxy Flooring Adds Glamour to Your Home

If metallic epoxy flooring is something you’ve been thinking about for your home, you may have a lot of questions. Luckily, the experts at Elite Epoxy Floors have answers for you! Metallic epoxy flooring offers all of the dependability and durability you would expect from an epoxy floor, plus an added “Wow!” factor that you just can’t get with any other product.
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Imagine visitors entering your foyer, to be greeted by your dazzling new floor. Its smooth metallic surface shines as the tiny particles embedded in the flooring material catch and reflect the light. Maybe you’d like to add some sparkle to your bathroom, but you’re unsure about how metallic epoxy flooring will hold up to the day-to-day abuse that most bathroom floors endure. Go for it! This product is similar to traditional high-performance resinous systems made to resemble marble floors. It offers the same beauty and hard-wearing toughness that you need for high traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens and entries.
Perhaps you are thinking of doing something really visually stunning for the floors in your great room or kitchen. Metallic epoxy flooring offers all of the beauty of more expensive flooring products, without all of the worries that come with finicky floor finishes. These floors can be mopped clean and sanitized the same way you would a traditional (and much less appealing) vinyl kitchen floor. If you’re worried about slick surfaces, don’t be concerned! We can customize your floors with non-slip options,without sacrificing the beauty of the finish.
Has your husband finally achieved his dream “man cave” in your basement? Maybe he’s planning on astro-turf in the TV area and vinyl flooring around the bar because he knows things may get messy on football night with his buddies. But the idea of green plastic carpet in your home makes you cringe. Why not metallic epoxy flooring? The durable finish will stand up to virtually anything the guys can throw at it, while still looking amazing. It will not only look great, it will last for decades. Cleanup will be a breeze, too. 
Is your garage floor looking worn out and tired? Are you embarrassed to leave the door open because you don’t want the neighbors to see the stains, cracks and worn surfaces? Maybe your family collects and enjoys classic or vintage cars. If you want your garage to be more showplace than storage space, metallic epoxy floors can help you achieve the look you desire. These beautiful products are tough enough to stand up to vehicle and foot traffic as well as garden and household chemicals. Whether you’re parking mom’s minivan or dad’s vintage convertible, your garage will be the envy of the neighborhood.
If all of this sounds interesting to you, give the pros at Elite Epoxy Floors a call at (816)729-7143. We will happily answer any questions you have about metallic epoxy flooring or any of the other products we offer, and provide a free estimate. You can also request a quote here. With over three decades of experience helping homeowners in the Greater Kansas City area beautify their homes, we will be glad to help you make your dreams a reality. 

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